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"Agro-Casing" LLC

a fast growing company that specializes in production and wholesale supply of the natural sausage casings

We offer a wide range of products from Russia, Europe and the Americas. The company produces its own natural beef and hog full cycle casings. Production facilities are placed in an ecologically clean area of the Kaluga region. Painstaking daily work of the employees and technological process production improvement makes possible to create a product that satisfies all the clients’ needs. This is what makes our company successful.

“Agro-Casing” LLC buys hog and beef raw materials from direct producers that grow and slaughter the cattle at the farms throughout the Russian Federation. The main criteria when choosing the raw materials supplier are the following: product quality, wellness of the region in terms of contagious diseases of animals, as well as the transparency of the raw material procurement process. By the compliance of these rules we can guarantee the product quality.

Our company produces the natural casing in accordance with the ISO 220000 international quality standard. Each batch is double-checked by our veterinary specialists for any possible defects and diseases, and also issue a veterinary certificate that goes directly to the buyer.

The company specialists monitor the calibers of the natural hog and beef rounds to fully comply with the National Standard, carefully watch the part length and check the casing quality for any defects, which is then followed by a quality certificate for a ready batch.

We mostly have a manual labor in the production that is why all employees are thoroughly selected through a competitive application process. Our company collaborates with counterparties located all over Russia. We value every customer of ours, whether it is a large Russian producer, a network retailer or private meat producers. We come up with an individual approach to every client and offer flexible conditions for cooperation.

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Our products

We produce natural hog and beef casings
  • Hog casing

    diameter, mm:
    28-30, 30-32, 32-34, 34-36, 36-38, 38-40,40-42, 42+
  • Hog bladders

    diameter, mm:
    15-20, 20-25, 25-30
  • Beef casing

    diameter, mm:
    34-37, 37-40, 40-43, 43-46, 46+, 48+
  • Beef blind gut

    diameter, mm:
    70-80, 80-90, 90-100, 100-110, 95-115, 110-120, 120-130, 130-145
  • Beef rounds

    diameter, mm:
    30-35, 35-40, 40-45, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65

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Our advantages

Settings control

All casings produced in our company full comply with the National Standard. We monitor the casing integrity, part length and diameter stability. This allows us to sell a quality product.

Accurate measurement

We appreciate our business partner and client relations to be honest and transparent. The batch length of the product corresponds to the declared measurement. One bundle is 91.5 meters long. Thanks to the special equipment and metering machine we can fully avoid any possible human factor mistake. Accuracy is the politeness of kings.

Quality control

We process quality control at every production stage. During production our company strives to reach European quality standards. All production is certified. ISO 220000 quality certificate “Food safety management system – a requirement for any enterprise in the supply chain”, certificate of conformity, Customs Union declaration of conformity.

Reliable partner

The quality of our natural casing allows us to use it on automatic and semi-automatic production lines.

Package of documents

Each batch of shipped products is supported by a relevant package of documents: quality certificate, conformity certificate, declaration of conformity and veterinary certificate.

Broad supply geography

“Agro-Casing” LLC is a certified company and supplies products to the counties of the Customs Union and the European Union.


Wholesale of products is the core of the “Agro-Casing” LLC work. We provide wholesale deliveries to meat-processing plants, meat-packing houses in barrels of 200-250 beams.

We provide flexibility to our customers’ requirements, providing them general working conditions.

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new trend


We are excited in developing a new trend within the HoReCa segment. Hotels, restaurants and cafes strive to please visitors with a nice cuisine and it is of high importance for us as producers to understand this type of customers.

We are ready to offer our customers special conditions for producing small amounts of product taking into account the individual needs of HoReCa enterprises. We are able to pack the natural casing with a volume of 1 beam and offer the product caliber you need satisfying all the needs of your enterprise.

Retail sales

"Agro-Casing" has made the facilities for home production of natural casings.

Our main advantage when retailing is the willingness to offer a minimum batch volume of 5 meters of a natural casing.

You can buy our products in chain stores.
It’s a go

"Agro-Casing" LLC

It is included into the list of Russian enterprises that have gone through veterinary and sanitary inspection for compliance with the requirements of the Eurasian Customs Union (“Cerberus IP”) and the European Union
Eurasian Customs Union
European Union
We invite partnership


We are excited in partnership with enterprises that supply quality raw materials for production of natural hog and beef casing located all over Russia. We are ready to batches of intestine raw materials; the total volume of intestinal raw materials today is 1,5 million meters.

our main requirements for suppliers

quality raw materials
a set of necessary product documents
willingness and ability to negotiate
compliance of delivery time and business obligations
Our contacts

"Agro-Casing" LLC

We are open to cooperation with our customers and work 24/7.

Warehouse address

Bld. 1, Proizvodstvennaya str. 11, Moscow, Russia, 119619
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Production address

Bld. w/n, Vorobievo village, Maloyaroslavets District, Kaluga Region, Russia, 249054